To understand what is zone of unawareness, We take the help of Steven Covey, one of the greatest Management Gurus who developed the Theory on the Circle of Influence and Control.

This continues to be a time immortal theory, which has been taught to all professionals in one way or the other.

zone of unawareness

If we were to try and map, our element of unawareness within each of these areas, in usual cases, we would have a high level of awareness on the cause & effects of all our actions in Circle of Control. However, as we move to the Circle of Influence, the element of unawareness would increase and, such unknown would be maximum when we are in the Circle of Concern.

This unknown unattended and unexplored is a Zone of Unawareness, that increases as we move away from our areas of strength, expertise & knowledge because we cant be knowing everything about everything. However by being not fully aware of what all that is or could be in our control and influence, we are limiting our own potential.

Zone of Unawareness

If we were to apply this theory in terms of Ergonomic factors, our circle of control would be bigger. That is because it pertains to our body and we can decide

  • How we want to treat our body.
  • In what posture do we want to sit, work or lie down
  • What kind of tools we want to opt for while doing our daily tasks
  • How we want to use & control technology in our lives

However, unfortunately, the Zone of Unawareness is much more profound, which leads to us unconsciously ill-treating our body, against the principles of human body design, thereby leading to damage and manifestation of pain.

Zone of unawareness

So, It is now on us to improve our understanding of our own body and how we want to control it, for a heathy & pain free life.

This is very much in our “Control” and, it’s time that we show some “Concern” for it and, “Influence” others to do the same.

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