RevURJA – Tablet StandRevURJA – Tablet Stand
RevURJA – Tablet StandRevURJA – Tablet Stand
RevURJA – Tablet StandRevURJA – Tablet Stand
RevURJA – Tablet StandRevURJA – Tablet Stand

RevURJA – Tablet Stand


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The ideal ergonomic tablet stand for extracting the best out of your tablet!

With an elevated screen height, RevURJA allows you to place your tablet in the most preferred viewing position. Now place your tablet in your preferred orientation, landscape or portrait, at a place of your preference, table or bed.

A perfect accessory to convert your tablet as your computer screen, primary or secondary.

Ultra light weight and sleek, it can fold & seamlessly tag along your tablet anywhere

Never letting you feel unenergized, this tablet stands stays true to its name – RevURJA

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RevURJA - Tablet Stand helps you prevent
  • Excessive neck flexion, for the tablet is now resting in a rightful position in with a comfortable viewing position
  • Hunching of shoulders, as you need not bring them closer to hold and use the tablet
  • Undue Strain on fingers, arms and shoulders as you need not hold the heavy tablet in your hands anymore
  • Inappropriate postures, with multiple viewing angles, it is the tablet which adjusts according to your desired posture


RevURJA Tablet Stand

  • Ultra light weight yet sturdy
  • Elegant metallic finish
  • Sleek, thinner than your iPad!
  • Foldable to fit into any bag along with your Tab
  • Screen height elevation of 2.5 inches
  • Thoughtful design with 2 Angle adjustments

Additional information


Metallic Silver


246x152x6.5 (mm)


160 grams


1 Year (as per standard warranty policy)

Delivery time

3-5 working days

Place of origin



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