In one of the earlier blogs, we covered the shortcomings of the design of the laptop and how indiscriminate use of laptops could lead to long endearing health hazards.

Laptops have become the most essential device for every industry, organization & professional. No matter what one’s profession is, a laptop is the mainstay to

execute daily tasks. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without a laptop. Hence, we need to opt for a more sustainable way of using a laptop.

Sofas and beds offer multiple possibilities of using a laptop. Lying down, upside down, crouched, cross legged, sitting and some other postures which cannot be explained. However, it is difficult to figure out which one of these postures is more disastrous!!!

So never sit on a sofa or a bed while using the laptop. This should be RULE ZERO of using a laptop.

Laptops are basically portable computers but that does not necessarily mean that there should not be a permanent place to use them. So, define a dedicated workplace for using laptops

The best way would be to augment the laptop with an external screen, keyboard & mouse. So, basically using the laptop as a CPU!! This kind of set-up gives the following benefits

  • back and neck are upright
  • Shoulders are open and arms are relaxed
  • Eyes do not get strained as you are now able to adjust the viewing distance, especially if you have a smaller laptop screen.

For a superior experience, health enthusiasts can even opt monitor arms or monitor stands.

However, if there are space constraints to set up a traditional CPU like setup or if you have to keep alternating between different workplaces in hybrid work format (Home as well as office) then a combination of a foldable laptop stand with a compact keyboard & mouse would be the ideal recommendation.

With this set up

  • You are able to solve the problem of bent neck & back easily as now you can choose the proper screen height
  • The viewing angle & distance is also at your discretion
  • Use of external keyboard & mouse allows much more open shoulder position, relaxed elbows, and reduced twisting of wrists.
  • A foldable laptop stand facilitates seamless switching of workplaces and replicating the same set up
  • Last but not the least, with a uniform standard work setup, you do not have to readjust every time you move between different workplaces.

Laptops should be used in their standard form factor only on a SOS basis and that too for a very short period of time.

Further don’t get swayed by the name laptop. It is not designed for your lap.

If health is wealth, then investment in right workplace & habits will only make you wealthier !

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