Our Solution - The Comprehensive Ergonomic Screen Height Calculator

It is a common phenomenon to experience neck pain while working on your computer.  The reason for this can often be due to incorrect posture or improper screen set up. 

Whenever we are faced with such a situation, here are some standard recommendations that we usually come across like : 

  • Keep top of your screen at your eye level
  • Keep one arm distance from the screen ( Usually 26-30 inches)

But ?? :

  • Do these recommendations factor in the impact of screen size on your posture?
  • What happens when you are working on a laptop – wouldn’t one arm distance from the screen put extra strain on your eyes?
  • What happens when you don’t have the space/flexibility to maintain one arm distance?
  • Do these recommendations factor the preferred line of sight?

Standard recommendation also ignores the fact that users need to look down at the keyboard while typing and leads to additional stress on the neck due to a continuous movement of neck up and down.

Revergon’s Ergonomic Calculator will help you ascertain the optimum positioning of the screen to ensure that your work environment, your neck, and your eyes – all are in harmony !! assess problems with your sitting postures and possible solutions to overcome your challenges. 

Please scroll below to follow simple steps to assess your posture and find preventive solutions :


Find your optimal screen height from eye level


Ergo Facts:

  • Even with our neck upright we tend to see down. Different studies have put different numbers from 29° to 10°.
  • The closer the object the steeper the angle on downward eye movement

Adjust your screen height hassle-free

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