Agile Workplace

Agile Workplaces

With some critical insights and behavioral patterns, we work with
organizations to transform the current workplaces into truly agile ones. With
our approach of Disrupt Less and Move More, we can help you transform the workplace into a more active one without making and major disruptions in your current office workplace setup.

Employee Training

Often employer initiatives fail because employees don’t have a buying in that
initiative or that buying doesn’t last for long. With a thought through and
uncharacteristic training , we orient employees to a long lasting positive
behavioural change which improves the adoption of right ergonomic practices and help weave it in the culture of the organsiation
Ergonomic Consulting

Ergonomic Consulting

– Organisational Ergonomic: assessment tailored to the industry,
demographics, work profile with actionable outcomes
– Ergonomics Policy: Help draft ergonomics policy framework for the organisation which would guide the employees with appropriate ergonomic behaviour for the wellbeing