Inapt Imitation!!

Research suggests even before the children get a year old, they start imitating their parents. Initially a new-born baby imitates facial expressions such as smiling, pouting, opening mouth. Later they imitate actions such as holding on to objects. Finally, as they grow up, they imitate the way dad/ mom talk on phone, the way they sit, walk and so on. In this manner children develop various fine motor and social skills from their parents. Read more “Inapt Imitation!!”

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Benefactors of Ergonomics

Benefactors of Ergonomics? Am I a benefactor?

What is in it for me?

It is very natural to have this question in mind before we put in any effort, make an investment, or commit ourselves to something. This is also the fundamental premise of any corporate action measured through metrics like IRR, cost-benefit analysis, or profit.

The same holds for any Ergonomic intervention, who gets benefited from the right ergonomics?

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