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Benefactors of Ergonomics? Am I a benefactor?

What is in it for me?

It is very natural to have this question in mind before we put in any effort, make an investment, or commit ourselves to something. This is also the fundamental premise of any corporate action measured through metrics like IRR, cost-benefit analysis, or profit.

The same holds for any Ergonomic intervention, who gets benefited from the right ergonomics?

Organizations – Numerous research and case studies have proved that, with well applied ergonomic practices, organizations benefit immensely on various fronts like increase in productivity, lower injuries, improved quality, etc.

Managers – Accountable for performance and deliverables of their team’s members with the right ergonomics they are closer to achieving their targets.

EHS personnel – Safety is the most important parameter for any EHS manager and with thorough adherence to Ergo principles the risks of injuries (repetitive strain or otherwise) reduce drastically for a simple reason – the apparatus and environment is designed to suit the person/s working there.

Parents – With a barrage of tech gadgets and e-learning becoming part and parcel of the daily lives of children, their postures have been compromised and inactivity has increased manifold. So much so that a healthy & agile child is the first wish of any parent over a super smart kid.

Families – It is not difficult to find someone suffering from MSDs in any urban family. Most of these MSDs could have been prevented or delayed through the right application of ergonomics in daily life. Whilst it is the individual who bears the pain, but mental & financial stress is shared by the whole family.

We can keep talking about more categories, but who are the benefactors? What is the least common denominator? It is the individual, that is “YOU”. It is you who is a subset and participant in each of the categories above.

So, once we get ergonomics right for this “YOU”, everything else would fall in place.

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